Self-paced courses to help you understand how systemic racism operates.

Crisis after crisis reveal the racial inequities baked into our national systems.

And in your still quiet moments, a small voice reminds you that we don't need to live this way. Something different, something better is possible.

You dream of equitable societies that fearlessly face the sins of their past to create a healthy foundation for their future.

You dream of societal systems that are trauma-informed, joy-filled and center the needs of those who are hurting the most.

You were made for these times.

But before you can build a solution, you have to understand the problem.

Learn how racism is embedded in United States' systems and our individual psyches, so you can build a world where we all can thrive.

"Marsha Davis' Racial Equity Lessons are essential for anyone who is striving to build a world beyond white supremacy. Marsha explores equity by unpacking the concrete historical, political, economic, and cultural practices that lead to racist outcomes. Her work speaks to those just beginning their equity learning journey and those deeply entrenched in their anti-racist practice. Most importantly, Marsha's teaching is actionable. Her Racial Equity Lessons provide a framework for reflecting on our role in sustaining racism and our power in re-making our world." 

"Marsha's presentation was beyond incredible. Wow. The way she explained really hard, sad, jarring and discouraging information was remarkable. She made us think and gave us time to sit with what we were learning. She didn’t sugar coat the horrible history; she kept the door open for conversation and challenged us toward personal introspection."

Meet Your Teacher

Marsha Davis is the co-founder of Davis Squared Consulting where she provides racial equity consulting, coaching and group facilitation to nonprofits.

With over 15 years of experience as an educator and non-profit leader, she supports her clients in building values-driven strategies that enhance the resilience of our communities. She specializes in creating brave productive spaces for hard conversations.  

She graduated from Harvard University with a BA in Molecular and Cellular Biology and earned a Masters in Science Education. 

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